Sunday, 29 December 2013

Unity Blob

This is a tech demo of a jelly object or a blob. It uses simple spring physics.

To move around use the arrow keys.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Terrain Generation

This is my new project that i started working on. so far it just generates random islands. it uses the fault algorithm to generate the heights and it uses the metaball system to create the shape of the island. the metaball system is also used for adding mountains.

To generate a new island press R. To zoom in press + on the keypad to zoom out press - on the keypad.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Different Worlds

These are some screenshots from the game Different Worlds. It is a top down RPG that I am developing using my own java framework for Androids. This project was created from the ground up by me, it uses OpenGL ES for rendering 2D sprites.

Fossil Wars tech

This is a tech footage from my game Fossil Wars that I am working on with some of my friends. This game uses the CEG framework which I build from the ground up using OpenGL and SDL. It has an obj and a dae model loader, it has a scenegraph for easier object management, it has a GUI system, it has a screen switching system, it has mesh batching for fast rendering, and it has basic collision shapes.

Kids Room Gameplay


This is the gameplay footage from Kids Room. This project was a part of my internship with Clearbridge Mobile. I was the lead programmer, the lead designer, and I also created all the 3d models in blender and textures in GIMP.

Gladiotron web build

This is the current web build for Gladiotron. This game is a part of my intership with Full Circle CS.
I am the lead programmer on this project and sometimes I do a bit of level design.

Here is the earlier 2D version of Gladiotron.